Prevention measures to detain the spread of COVID-19


【Requests to our guests】
■ In order to ensure a safe and healthy experience, please sanitize your hands when visiting the facility.
■ We kindly ask that you refrain from entering THE BARN if you suspect that you or someone you know may be infected with coronavirus.。

■ If you have symptoms such as a fever or cough, please inform the nearby staff member.
■ Please wear a mask when you are not eating/drinking.
■ Please practice social distancing in the restaurant.


【Public space initiatives】
■ All employees will wear masks at all times with additional employees wearing gloves
■ Allocation of spaces between seats in order to practice social distancing and to avoid over-crowding.
■ Regular ventilation by opening windows, doors and via central air.
■ Provision of hand sanitizers at building entrance, and other public areas.
■ Regular disinfection of all door knobs, handrails, light switch buttons regularly,


【Employees initiatives】
■ All employees' temperatures are measured when arriving at the work place, and physical conditions (vomiting, diarrhea, fever) are checked.

■ All employees are instructed to wash hands, gargle and disinfect hands every hour.
■Non-urgent business trips are prohibited.
■ If an employee or his/her family members have suspicious symptoms of COVID-19, he/she  is required to stay at home.
■ Gatherings that involve eating and/or drinking with more than 10 people are prohibited.
■ Working from home where possible is recommended in order to prevent the infection.